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Microsoft alumna and PacSci Board Member Dawn Trudeau is generously a $5,000 match to encourage other alums to support PacSci. On behalf of the thousands of curious students we serve, thank you!

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PacSci has remained nimble, experimenting with new models of serving the community. Virtual Field Trips helped address the challenges of remote schooling: supplementing STEM curriculum with content that was easy to schedule, had no geographic barriers, and was loved by students and teachers alike. Last school year our Virtual Field Trips became so popular, we served more than 32,000 students across Washington and the US. Thanks to donations, 61% of the more than 700 programs were delivered free of charge to schools and communities in low-income rural and urban neighborhoods.

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Donations will be used to help fund Virtual Field Trips for low-income and underserved students across Washington State.

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PacSci can ignite curiosity in more students—but only with your help. Not every school or community center can afford even the modest fee we charge. We need your help to expand our work and reach more students in low-income schools and communities. Not every family can afford a week of STEM camp. We need your help to DOUBLE the number of scholarships we can provide.