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AAWA envisions a future where every traveler is empowered to move across the Pacific Northwest, while providing communities wth economic, environmental and equity benefits (the "3 E's"). AAWA's vision is for a robust, interconnected transportation network, including improved train service, more frequencies on current Cascades service, new connections between Western, Central and Eastern Washington, and connections to local transportation. Economic Development: Intercity trains help strengthen local economies across the Northwest Environmental Stewardship: Intercity trains provide low-emissions regional transportation Equity: Intercity trains connect communities small and large To learn about our vision, go to

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Promoting a connected Northwest at the grasroots level across the state, growing our organization, and educating leaders and the general public about the benefits of rail service.

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AAWA has grown enormously in the past few years while developing active plans for rail expansions in Central and Eastern Washington and Blaine and promoting these plans statewide. As we come into the new year and the recovery from Covid-19, AAWA needs to continue to promote these proposals and to build support for them at the grassroots level across Washington State.

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