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The results of our Empowerment Program are clear: 100% of our Hammies are admitted to their best-fit colleges and 97% graduate in five-years or less— a rate 10 times that of their low-income peers. Every year we welcome 35 new high-achieving, underserved young leaders to thrive in college and beyond through our program, hands-on-mentorship, and wrap-around support.

Donations are applied to...

The AHS Empowerment program for high-achieving, underserved students, helping them to succeed in college and beyond.

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Thank you so much for supporting these amazing, young future-changemakers!

Why are donations necessary?

“Growing Where We’re Rooted” is just as it sounds; looking to the future our goal to grow: Our number of Scholars served per year The number of partnerships that foster Hammie opportunities Our team in order to achieve more on behalf of our Hammies The services offered through our Empowerment Program. Breaking the poverty cycle for these future changemakers cannot happen without your continued belief in our mission and support of our Scholars; we need your help to reach our end of year goal of $160,000. To learn more about our amazing Hammies and how your contribution directly supports them, explore below.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!