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Our partners are now focused on stabilizing lives after Mt. Nyiragongo erupted in Goma, DR Congo in May 2021. They provide resources for clean water, organize to avoid spreading preventable disease, trauma counseling, and community organization to help people transition out of the temporary camps and rebuild their lives. Examples of other directed programs include building a union for domestic workers in Goma and providing mentoring for women building small businesses.

Donations are applied to...

• Installing water filters • Monitoring and evaluating the program's reduction of water-borne diseases • Safe transportation for staff • Professional services including professional counselors, monitoring and evaluating the reduction of water-borne diseases • Medical insurance for staff • Materials needed to support volunteer organization

Personal Message

We support viable organizations in DR Congo without creating dependence. Congolese leadership and ownership are key. We identify organizations that impact their communities and accompany them to help build their capacity until they no longer need us. ACT for Congo consults. We provide support for research, analysis, data management, and communication. We also serve as a fiscal sponsor and maintain a close relationship with our partners. They lead. They own. They change the future of DR Congo.

Why are donations necessary?

Our partners work with the people most devastated by the Mt. Nyiragongo eruption. They have engaged people, skills, and knowledge. They know the local languages. The local people trust them. What they don’t have is money. That is why they need our help. They provide water filters and health training for schools and temporary camps. They employ staff who train people in new skills, provide trauma counseling, and organize resilience activities for the people in the camps. They pay professionals for continuous monitoring and evaluation to ensure their work is effective. They buy material to support these programs. And they provide safe transportation so their trainers and staff can do the work. Our partners work through community organization. They need resources to direct and support a large group of volunteers – people of Congo working for a better future in Congo.

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