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We Connect The Dots

We Connect The Dots is a Westbury, NY-based not-for-profit educational organization seeking to unlock the potential of students of all ages and economic backgrounds to discover their passion and create attainable achievements within Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) careers. Through a collaboration with the community, education, government and the technology industry, WCTD provides awareness and education of the 21st Century workforce skills, as well as the opportunities available to students embracing STEAM careers. Impacting students at a local, national and global level, our programs create a hunger for learning that empowers students to find their own paths to success.

We Heart Seattle

Join a Seattle-based boots-on-the-ground movement that engages the community in organized debris removal events as a form of harm reduction, typically located in difficult-to-access yet highly valuable public spaces that city workers cannot or will not access. Your donation directly tackles some of the most difficult and visible public space cleanup projects in the city, including some of Seattle’s most dramatic greenspaces and homeless encampments of various sizes. Support personalized, compassionate, and respectful outreach support to hundreds of people experiencing homelessness. WHS utilizes a small team of staff and volunteers who possess lived experience, resourcefulness, and eagerness to help people living outdoors, using a friction-free approach to provide resources and remove barriers to housing.

Welcoming Home

Welcoming Home helps our neighbors, individuals and families who are transitioning out of homelessness in both Marin & Sonoma counties by fully furnishing and outfitting their homes once they find one. We engage the local communities in donating funds and needed household goods to foster our mission of neighbors helping neighbors. What's more, by repurposing items from our donors, WH helps reduce the volume of used furniture and household goods going to the landfill.

What happens when an individual or family is finally able to find an apartment to rent? Of course, they’re happy to finally have a roof over their head and a home all to themselves. But they don’t have beds/linens, a table/chairs, kitchen/tableware, or a shower curtain and towels etc.; their place is virtually empty. Finding a place to live is only half the battle our formerly homeless neighbors face. Furnishing it so that it’s a comfortable home is the other half.

That’s where Welcoming Home comes in.

Our function is to provide a comfortable place where families can sleep, share meals, work, study and just relax. An important part of the fresh start these people so desperately want is the feeling of well-being and confidence that comes with living in a welcoming, cozy home. Knowing that their neighbors were the people that helped them with a fresh start makes it all the better.

And we do it all in one day. Well, the furnishing installation part anyway.

White Center Emergency Food Association

Our mission is to minimize hunger, while nourishing community, nurturing self-reliance and embracing our rich cultural diversity.

Wildlife Conservation Network

For this #MicrosoftAlumniGIVE, you can make a real impact for wildlife. Our donation model allows 100% of any donation designated for a specific species to go directly to partners in the field, with zero overhead. For donations made specifically to WCN, 93% goes to support conservation programs. WCN (Wildlife Conservation Network) is proud to be a top rated wildlife organization by Charity Navigator, with their highest possible four star rating.

Woodinville ARES Group

Woodland Park Zoological Society

Woodland Park Zoo is a cherished community resource and a unique urban oasis who is a leader in providing the highest quality animal care to nearly 1,000 animals who live at the zoo. We are establishing innovative and ethically balanced approaches that invite our community to more deeply understand and connect with animals at our zoo and around the world. Today, all animals and habitats are inextricably influenced by our decisions and actions and the resulting changes to the environment. At the same time, communities like ours care deeply about the welfare of animals, and expect animal care to be a high priority at Woodland Park Zoo. We embrace our community's concern for animal welfare-and we believe that doing so furthers our conservation mission, setting an example of our values in action while promoting understanding, compassion, and a sense of responsibility.

World Affairs Council of Seattle

World Vision- Kenya Big Dream

Female genital mutilation (FGM)—also known as cutting—symbolizes the transition from girlhood to womanhood and is a valued traditional practice done on girls as young as 10 years old. It has devastating physical and psychological effects on girls. An estimated 200 million women and girls alive today have been subjected to FGM. This harmful practice can hold dangerous implications for girls’ marriage, health, education, and future work. In Kenya, 4 million women and girls have undergone FGM, a direct precursor to child marriage. A bride price paid to parents by a girl’s husband can mean a great deal to a family in extreme poverty. Through years of Child Protection work in West Pokot, Kenya, World Vision has learned what works to end this harmful practice. Our sustainable community development approach is shifting attitudes and actions to better protect children. Cultural values around marriage, education, finances, and family are being transformed with everyone – girls, boys, caregivers, faith leaders, community members and governments - contributing to the effort. For more information please visit,


This campaign supports Keep Children Reading, Worldreader’s innovative year-round digital reading program. It provides children and their families with a thoughtfully curated and diverse collection of age-appropriate books. Using their own mobile devices and Worldreader’s BookSmart digital reading solution, families can easily make reading a fun, fulfilling, and transformative part of their everyday home lives.

XBOT Robotics

XBOT Robotics works to inspire and prepare underserved, local high school students to pursue technology-related (STEAM) learning and careers through robotics competitions, STEAM workshops, and access to a MakerSpace. XBOT continuously seeks to expand access to and opportunities in STEAM for underserved students so that ALL youth can develop 21st-century workforce and life skills, build critical social networks, and gain leadership experience.   We bring free or very low-cost hands-on STEAM learning, exploration, and skill-building to 800 elementary through high school students annually and we’re aiming to reach 1800 students in the coming few years.  92% of XBOT students are students of color, 70% qualify for free- and reduced-price lunch, 41% identify as female, and 54% are multi-lingual learners. Run by a passionate board of directors and one full-time executive director, XBOT is a local, community-led, and community-focused program with real impact: In 2018, all 16 participating seniors went on to pursue a post-high-school certificate or degree and in 2019, nine of eleven seniors did, including at schools such as Stanford University, University of Washington, and California Polytechnic State University. (More recent data is still being collected due to disruptions in programming and communications caused by covid-19.) In a 2021 survey of alumni, a student wrote "I can say without hesitation that without FIRST [through XBOT Robotics], I would have never gotten a full-ride to Stanford, start my own design firm, or be the technology consultant I am today. I only wish that every student has the opportunity to participate in FIRST programs, and see all the doors that open along the way."

Yankee Clipper Foundation

The Yankee Clipper Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Washington since 1989 whose purpose is to promote youth maritime education and training. We do this by offering a Sea Scout program for youth aboard our vessels in cooperation with the Boy Scouts of America. Our program places emphasis on 1) personal responsibility, teamwork, leadership, and character development; 2) sailing, safety and seamanship; 3) exposure to maritime careers; 4)providing mentors and role models; 5)STEM-based educational learning; 6)Service to our community; and 7)wholesome outdoor education.